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2019 Deals at Perkins Law

The past two months have been a very busy time for closing business and commercial real estate deals at Perkins Law, P.A.   The strong economy and our savvy clients are the reason.

Some examples of our client’s successful deals are:

Black Tie Catering and Camp Hammond:  Amy Collins purchased Black  Tie, Inc. which is a catering business founded by Christine Webber, as well as Camp Hammond which is a beautiful event venue located in Yarmouth, Maine. Amy has been running this catering business for some time now, and we wish her the best of luck!

Copper Branch Restaurant:  Chris and Melissa Hooper have leased the newly constructed circular building at Canal Plaza, Portland, Maine for their Cooper Branch vegetarian restaurant.  The Cooper Branch restaurant will offer Portlanders healthy breakfast and lunch meals. We look forward to dining with Chris and Mellissa soon.

Grove Collaborative, Inc.:   This California based provider of healthy, beautiful home products has worked with us to lease two Portland office locations for their rapidly growing Portland workforce.

Innate Family Chiropractic, Inc.:  Dr. Jeremy Book bought out his partners and purchased an office condo for his chiropractic practice located in South Portland, Maine.

Falmouth Pediatric Dentistry, P.C.:  Dr. John Willis bought out his senior partner in this Falmouth based pediatric dental practice.

One Monument Way:  Cianchette Family, LLC sold their Hutchins Drive, Portland Maine property to affiliates of Cross Insurance and then purchased One Monument Way, in Portland.

Wood Pelletizing Plant:  Player Design, Inc. built and sold a wood pelletizing plant, located in Sanford, Maine to T&D Wood Products.

Congratulations to each of these entrepreneurs. We are pleased to be part of your success