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2017: The Year in Review for Perkins Law, PA

The year 2017 was an incredibly dynamic year for our business law and intellectual property law practice. We represented Tom Holden and John Benoit with respect to the sale of the Holden Agency to Cross Insurance. The Holden Agency had been a client of ours for over 20 years. So we were thrilled to see … Continued

Perkins Olson Works to Develop New Scallop Aquaculture Venture

Dave Perkins is representing an innovative aquaculture venture called Maine Scallop Company, LLC. Maine Scallop Company is the first company in the United States to use a Japanese sea scallop growing method on its aquaculture farm. The company grows scallops using a technique known as “ear-hanging.” The scallops are hung vertically on individual ropes. Because … Continued


In asset protection planning and bankruptcy practice people take the protection of retirement accounts for granted.  They are well protected from the claims of most bankruptcy trustees and creditors by state and federal exemption law, but there is one creditor from whom state and bankruptcy code exemptions provide no protection—the Internal Revenue Service. How is … Continued

Maine Superior Court Rejects Effort by Judgment Creditors to Impose Member’s debt on the Assets of their LLC

On March 6, 2017, the Superior Court issued summary judgment finding that a judgment creditor’s sole remedy against a judgment debtor’s interests in a limited liability company (LLC) is to obtain a charging order against the debtor’s membership interests in the LLC.  Importantly, the Court found that the judgment creditor cannot impose the debtor’s liabilities … Continued

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