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Your Intellectual Property

When was the last time you inventoried your intellectual property?  Have you calculated its value?  Today, when few businesses are truly local, the value of IP is greater than ever. You lock your place of business when you leave, lock all your equipment, fixtures, and inventory inside, probably have a security system, and almost certainly … Continued

Biomass Energy System Transaction

Perkins Law, PA was pleased to represent Player Design, Inc. (“PDI”), of Presque Isle, Maine, in a creative project involving the financing and construction of a biomass energy system in Sanford, Maine. With the transaction, PDI contracted to build the biomass system for T&D Wood Energy, LLC.  T&D Wood Energy, LLC acquired the land for … Continued

2017: The Year in Review for Perkins Law, PA

The year 2017 was an incredibly dynamic year for our business law and intellectual property law practice. We represented Tom Holden and John Benoit with respect to the sale of the Holden Agency to Cross Insurance. The Holden Agency had been a client of ours for over 20 years. So we were thrilled to see … Continued