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2019 Deals at Perkins Law

The past two months have been a very busy time for closing business and commercial real estate deals at Perkins Law, P.A.   The strong economy and our savvy clients are the reason. Some examples of our client’s successful deals are: Black Tie Catering and Camp Hammond:  Amy Collins purchased Black  Tie, Inc. which is a … Continued

Year End Deals at Perkins Law

December 2018 was a very productive month for many of our clients, and we would like to recognize some of their successes:

Expressions of Intent to Pay the Debt of Another do not Constitute a Guarantee

Perkins Law obtained summary judgment in favor of its client in a lawsuit where a creditor attempted to use expressions of intent to pay the debts of another person as a means for pursuing a guarantee claim. The case involved loans between two former friends where the borrower defaulted and went into bankruptcy. The borrower … Continued

The Curious Case of Little Dipper Island

When our client visited his island (Little Dipper Island) on Damariscotta Lake last spring, he was shocked to find “No Trespassing” signs on his camp, with the signs stating that his camp was owned by someone else. Even worse, the locks to his camp had been changed. During the prior summer, a man in a … Continued

Perkins Law Closes Stock Redemption Deal for US/Polish Software Firm

Dave Perkins represented Andrew Gauvin, of Warsaw, Poland, in a transaction where Gauvin acquired all shares of Freeport Metrics, Inc. in a stock redemption transaction that closed on August 14, 2018. Freeport Metrics, Inc. is an innovative software firm with offices in Portland, Maine and Warsaw Poland. The firm has over 40 employees/independent contractors in … Continued

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