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Breaking Up is Hard to Do – By David J. Perkins

In a difficult economy, pressures and frustrations are likely to develop among shareholders of closely-held corporations. The result often is that either the majority shareholder wants to get rid of a minority shareholder or a minority shareholder feels oppressed by the majority. Ending a business relationship between shareholders in a closely-held corporation in Maine, however, … Continued

Subcontractors or Employees?

In our representation of small businesses around the State, one recurring theme that we come across is the use of subcontractors in the furtherance of business goals, whether in the construction field, manufacturing, or otherwise. The benefits of utilizing subcontractors are obvious: the avoidance of unemployment compensation liability, workers compensation liability, and employment taxation are … Continued

Why LLCs Should Be the Entity of Choice for Small Start-Ups

In the pages of these newsletters, members of this firm have often sung the praises of the statutory creature known as the limited liability company (“LLC”). We have discussed the LLC’s suitability for the varied purposes of estate planning, real estate holding companies, professional associations, and operating companies. Because LLCs are clearly so flexible, they … Continued

Growing Maine Businesses and Jobs Amid Chaos

Recent events leave no doubt that Maine business owners and workers can not afford to wait for rationale federal solutions for creating economic growth. Instead, we need to rely on our strengths and creativity to create a sustainable and healthy Maine economy. As a starting point, we need to recognize that we have many strategic … Continued