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Through our affiliate, Bohan Mathers, LLC, the offices of Perkins Law provides services for filing and prosecuting patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark office. Patricia Mathers, Esq., who has a mechanical engineering background, has over 25 years of experience prosecuting patent applications. Jeffrey Joyce, Esq., who has a background in software engineering, has recently joined Patricia on the Bohan Mathers patent prosecution team. Our goal is to work with innovative clients to protect and commercialize their ideas and inventions. Our extensive experience covers many fields of technology, and we routinely assist clients in obtaining and maintaining patent protection both domestically and internationally.


Our Perkins Law affiliate, Bohan Mathers, LLC, has extensive experience in filing and prosecuting trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our team is also proficient in performing trademark exclusion searches, which help our clients develop their brand and chose marks that are not already present in their respective marketplace, thus making it less likely that our clients will have conflicts in the future. We also pursue trademark oppositions and infringement matters, helping our clients not only obtain protection for their valuable brand but also protect and defend that brand well into the future.


Our affiliate, Bohan Mathers, LLC assists clients in registering and protecting their copyright. Copyright belongs to the creator of an original work of authorship from the moment that work is fixed in a tangible form, however, there are still steps that can be taken to strengthen the owner’s protection. Bohan Mathers assists clients in obtaining the most protection for their copyrights, and also works to prevent or stop infringement of those rights.

Licensing Agreement

In this information and digital economy, the licensing of inventions and intellectual property is a critical source of economic activity, and can often be the most lucrative way to capitalize on your intellectual property. Perkins Law has extensive skill and experience in drafting and structuring licensing agreements in a manner that allows for maximum profits while still protecting the client’s rights in their property.

We represent clients who license their intellectual property to users both inside and outside of the United States.