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Not for Profit Corporations

We work in both a paid capacity and on a volunteer basis for multiple non-profit corporations. Our work involves forming non-profit corporations, working with accountants to obtain IRS authority to act as a charitable organization. Perkins Law’s work also involves advising non-profits on forming and operating boards of directors.

Strategic Planning

We also assist non-profit management teams and boards of directors with strategic planning. Recently, we have worked with Hospice of Southern Maine on developing plans for an 11,000 square foot “Center for Hospice” which will provide space for Hospice staff, family bereavement services, volunteers, and education regarding palliative, end of life care.

One of our more notable successes at Perkins Law was our work with Outward Bound USA. Over time, independent Outward Bound programs around the country had been merged into one non-profit corporation. This structure caused problems over time, as local Outward Bound Schools and their donors lost motivation to raise donations which went into a national Outward Bound organization. In response, Outward Bound hired Perkins Law to restructure Outward Bound USA into seven separate Outward Bound Schools. We successfully implemented this “disaffiliation” which has contributed to a reinvigorated system of separate Outward Bound Schools around the country.

Financial Restructuring for Non Profits

Like private sector companies, non-profit corporations often face financial challenges which can lead to insolvency if corrective actions are not taken. Perkins Law works with financially distressed non-profits to address financial concerns, to restructure operations and expenses, and to work out new loan terms with lenders.

Dispute Resolution for Non Profits

Perkins Law represents non-profit organizations in resolving disputes that arise in the day to day business of a non-profit. These disputes often involve issues with employees or governmental agencies. This past summer, we represented a non-profit in an arbitration dealing with a lease dispute with a non-profit tenant and resolved the dispute on terms favorable to our non-profit client.

Our Social Mission

Perkins Law is committed to providing service to our community so we see our work with non-profits as a great opportunity to meet our social values. Members of our firm have served on numerous boards, including Friends of Casco Bay, Hospice of Southern Maine, and the Trout Foundation (support for small, rural schools).

We are also very committed to contributing to an innovative, entrepreneurial economy in Maine. We support Envision Maine, the Maine International Trade Association, and E2Tech as part of a larger effort to improve the Maine economy.