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Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate

The lawyers of  Perkins Law frequently represent business owners and commercial real estate developers in both the purchase and sale of commercial real estate.

With purchasers, we negotiate and draft purchase and sale agreements with the Seller. We take particular care to make sure that our client has full access to all necessary information, including rent rolls, leases, permits, income statements, and zoning restrictions.

Leasing of Real Commercial Real Esate

There are many situations involving both landlords and tenants in connection with commercial leases, and Perkins Law has served both over the years.

The leases involve a range of options, from triple net leases where the tenant pays specified operating costs, to gross leases where the tenant pays a monthly base rent only.

Our work with commercial leases has involved representing many large commercial property owners with multiple tenant leases. We have also represented landlord in build to lease situations which involve the landlord building the leasehold space to the tenant’s specifications.

Permitting for Commercial Real Estate

Perkins Law works with clients and civil engineers on a range of permitting activities.

These permitting activities involve local, municipal permits, as well as State of Maine permits such as Site Location permits.

Resolution of Zoning Disputes

We have represented clients on resolving numerous zoning disputes.

Zoning Ordinances are often written with general language, leaving much room for interpretation.

Perkins Law has had many successes working with clients to analyze zoning requirements and then to engage with municipal zoning officials, planning boards, boards of appeals, and abutters to resolve zoning issues.