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Wind Farm Projects

Perkins Law has worked on most of the commercial wind farm projects built in Maine.

In many wind farm projects, we represent the contractor who is building the wind farm. Our role is to draft the very complex construction contracts, involving the owner as well as multiple tiers of subcontractors.

We also represent landowners who lease their land to wind farm project developers. With these contracts, we help the client receive revenues at market rates for the lease of their land. The lease is often tied to electrical output of the project, so the lease drafting often involves complex terms of payment.


We represent dam owners who generate hydroelectric power. We have also worked with leases of hydroelectric projects.

EPA Pollution Credit Projects

We have worked with clients who develop businesses that involve trading pollution credits.

Renewable Energy Trade Missions

Dave Perkins  has participated in trade missions to Spain and Germany to learn about renewable energy industries that are highly advanced within Europe. We are keenly interested in working with entrepreneurs in Maine on tidal, solar, biomass and other forms of renewable energy that can benefit both Maine’s environment and economy.