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Your Intellectual Property

When was the last time you inventoried your intellectual property?  Have you calculated its value?  Today, when few businesses are truly local, the value of IP is greater than ever.

You lock your place of business when you leave, lock all your equipment, fixtures, and inventory inside, probably have a security system, and almost certainly have insurance on all of it.  But have you done enough to protect your inventions, designs, brands, trade secrets, artwork, and writings?

The federal government provides you with the means to protect your intellectual property:

The grant of a patent gives you the exclusive right to make, sell, and use a novel and useful device or process – actually the right to decide who, if anyone, can make, sell, and use it.

Your design (outward appearance) of a useful article may be exclusively yours with the grant of a design patent.

Your brands become your exclusive property with registration as your trademarks, including non-functional package and product designs.

The copyright protects “art” of all kinds, but in business it pays to know how copyright registration protects your logos, your manuals, your advertising, your web pages, and the designs of and on your products.

Our affiliate, Bohan Mathers, specializes in intellectual property law.  Contact Jeff Joyce, Esq. through the website or give Jeff a call at 207-773-3132.